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High prototype crawler bulldozer

The whole machine introduction:
In order to adapt to the plateau working conditions, there is a plateau recovery type supercharger. For the diesel engine, the supercharged measures are adopted in the case of a decline in the altitude power, and no adjustment is needed at an altitude of 4000 meters, and the engine output power is unchanged. It is equipped with a cold start device, which works at a minimum temperature of 40 ° C. Its preheating process is electronically controlled and has good starting performance. Equipped with a sealed pressurized water-cooled radiator to provide a reliable cooling system for diesel engines. The cab window is UV-resistant and can be configured with air conditioning according to user needs. The rubber parts are made of special performance materials, resistant to high and low temperatures, and resistant to ultraviolet rays to prevent premature aging. It is equipped with a heater unit that uses the thermal effect of the engine cooling cycle to increase the operating temperature in the cab. Equipped with a three-stage air filter, this can improve the filtration of the air and extend the life of the diesel engine.


Model TG160A
Engine Model WD10G178E25
Power Rating[kw/r/min] 131/1850
Fuel consumption rate[g/kw·h(g/ps·h)] ≤215
Maximum torque [N·m/r/min] 830/1150
Bulldozer form Straight tilting shovel
Use mass(kg) 17300
Minimum turning radius(m) 3.1
Climbing capacity(degree) 30°
Forward speed(km/h) 2.7/3.5/5.4/7.6/11.0
Backward speed (km/h) 3.5/4.9/9.8
Track center distance(mm) 1880
Track ground length(mm) 2430
Track plate width (standard) (mm) 610
Grounding pressure (kpa) 63
Minimum ground clearance (to lower cowling) (mm) 400
Overall machine dimensions L×W×H (mm) 5025×3416×3190
Shovel shape size L×W(mm) 3416×1149
Cutting angle of bulldozer blade (゜) 55
Max. lifting height of shovel(mm)(from the ground) 1095
Maximum cutting depth of shovel blade(mm)(from the ground) 545
Maximum tilt of shovel blade (mm) (from the ground) 760
Track plate (number of one side) (section) 37
System pressure (Mpa) 13.7