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Sanitation crawler bulldozer

The whole machine introduction:
The TSH200C sanitation bulldozer is suitable for landfill dumping, leveling, and compaction of dirt troughs. This machine is a new product improved on the basis of the D60P-8 bulldozer. In addition to the original structural features, it also has the characteristics required for sanitation work: 1. The working device has large capacity, high power, and the fence structure can prevent the suspension from moving. The addition of baffles on both sides increases the working capacity. 2. Adopt low noise design to enhance the tightness of the cab. 3, low specific pressure walking system, sealed track, arc triangular track shoes, which is conducive to the automatic fall off of garbage and soil. 4. The control system adopts oil pressure boosting, and the operating force is only 3-5kg, which is flexible, simple and high in production efficiency. 5. The spool valve assembly of the tensioning device is made of stainless steel to prevent rust. 6. The air-conditioned cab, the front-view glass is integral and equipped with a wiper. The driver is comfortable to operate, and the field of view and reach are in line with international (ISO) standards. 7. The straight tilting operation device can easily adjust the required angle according to the construction requirements.


Model TSH200C
Engine Model NT855-C280S10
Power Rating[kw/r/min] 164/1850
Fuel consumption rate[g/kw·h(g/ps·h)] ≤212
Maximum torque [N·m/r/min] 948/1250
Bulldozer form Sanitation straight tilting shovel
Use mass(kg) 20000
Minimum turning radius(m) 4.1
Climbing capacity(degree) 30°
Forward speed(km/h) 2.7/3.7/5.4/7.6/11.0
Backward speed (km/h) 3.5/4.9/7.0/9.8
Track center distance(mm)
Track ground length(mm) 3140
Track plate width (standard) (mm) 950
Grounding pressure (kpa) 33.4
Minimum ground clearance (to lower cowling) (mm) 510
Overall machine dimensions L×W×H (mm) 5779×3970×3289
Shovel shape size L×W(mm) 3970×1700
Cutting angle of bulldozer blade (゜) 57.5
Max. lifting height of shovel(mm)(from the ground) 1185
Maximum cutting depth of shovel blade(mm)(from the ground) 426
Maximum tilt of shovel blade (mm) (from the ground) 780
Track plate (number of one side) (section) 44
System pressure (Mpa) 13.7