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Crawler bulldozerc

The whole machine introduction:
The TY220H crawler-type bulldozer is a new product developed on the basis of TY220 and adopting international advanced technology. The structure is advanced and reasonable, the operation is light and flexible, and the production efficiency is high. It has the following novel features:
● Steering and brake control system realizes hydraulic linkage, which is light in operation and requires no adjustment on a daily basis. ·The right wing is equipped with variable speed, steering brake and other hydraulic system centralized pressure measuring points, which is convenient for fault detection. Both sides of the wing are equipped with anti-skid pedals to protect your safety in the slightest place.
●The hexahedron air-conditioned cab has better sealing noise reduction, wide field of view and adjustable seat, which improves the comfort of operation.
●According to ergonomics, the shifting, steering and engine throttle control handles are concentrated on the left side of the driver for easy handling and fatigue reduction. It adopts the national III stage engine and has strong power to meet environmental protection requirements.


Model TY220H
Engine Model QSNT-C235
Power Rating[kw/r/min] 175/1800
Fuel consumption rate[g/kw·h(g/ps·h)] ≤212
Maximum torque [N·m/r/min] 1085/1300
Bulldozer form Straight tilting shovel
Use mass(kg) 25700
Minimum turning radius(m) 4.1
Climbing capacity(degree) 30°
Forward speed(km/h) 3.6/6.5/11.2
Backward speed (km/h) 4.3/7.7/13.2
Track center distance(mm) 2250
Track ground length(mm) 3480
Track plate width (standard) (mm) 910
Grounding pressure (kpa) 39
Minimum ground clearance (to lower cowling) (mm) 515
Overall machine dimensions L×W×H (mm) 6060×4365×3402
Shovel shape size L×W(mm) 4365×1900
Cutting angle of bulldozer blade (゜) 55
Max. lifting height of shovel(mm)(from the ground) 1300
Maximum cutting depth of shovel blade(mm)(from the ground) 550
Maximum tilt of shovel blade (mm) (from the ground) 735
Track plate (number of one side) (section) 45
System pressure (Mpa) 13.7